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Indianapolis Green Card by Marriage Attorney

Immigration law does not place an annual limit on the number of persons who can receive a marriage visa. This is a very common method of obtaining permanent resident status in the United States. As with all visas issued by the USCIS, the applicant must qualify for the marriage visa before application can be made for a green card. The process is somewhat simplified if the spouse already has a visa and is in the country. If you wish to obtain a marriage visa as a preliminary to obtaining permanent resident status for yourself or your spouse it is very wise to have the help of a Indianapolis immigration lawyer to prepare your application and guide you through the system. At Courtney L. Campbell, Attorney at Law we offer the level of experienced counsel that our clients in Indianapolis and throughout Carmel, Fishers and Mc Cordsville in Indiana need to seek positive results.

An immigration attorney at our Indianapolis, Indiana firm will conduct an initial interview and gather information for the applications associated with the green card by marriage procedures.  The immigration authorities do not tolerate attempts to obtain a green card by marriage by fraudulent documentation.  The USCIS is suspicious of fraud and pay close attention to each application and interview.  At a critical point in the life of a spouse, it is important to have legal representation from an immigration attorney with proven success in helping clients obtain green cards by marriage.  Following are some of the procedures involved in obtaining a green card by marriage:

  • Biographical information, medical exam results of applicant
  • Petition for Alien Residence, Application for Permanent Residence, Affidavit of Support, Request for Travel Documents, Permission to Work Authorization
  • USCIS filing fees for application
At Courtney L. Campbell, Attorney at Law, a skilled Indianapolis immigration lawyer can help you make the right choices about your case and properly file your application.

Getting married? Talk to an Indianapolis green card lawyer at Courtney L. Campbell, Attorney at Law

Our Indianapolis immigration team has many years of experience in assisting U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to work through the complexities of the immigration laws involved. It is important to avoid a mistake which could result in your application being denied. Call Courtney L. Campbell, Attorney at Law for a free consultation with a skilled Indianapolis, Indiana immigration lawyer.

Contact an Indianapolis green card attorney from Courtney L. Campbell, Attorney at Law for valuable legal advice regarding green cards by marriage.

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