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Indianapolis Immigration Law FAQ

Immigration law is confusing and complex; however, it is vastly important that you stay informed and educated regarding the issues. If you have questions, it is highly encouraged that you read some of the most frequently asked questions that are answered below before seeking advice and support from a tenacious Indianapolis immigration attorney.

  • What is an Extension of Stay? Am I eligible?
    • An Extension of Stay is precisely what it sounds like: it is the permission to stay in the country beyond the original terms of a nonimmigrant visa. If you are lawfully within the country with a valid nonimmigrant visa and have not been criminally charged within your stay, you are eligible to apply for an Extension of Stay. It is recommended that you apply well before the expiration of your visa to ensure that process proceeds smoothly.
  • Can you appeal a deportation order?
    • Yes, there are steps that can be taken to appeal a removal order. Following the order, an alien will be given 30 days to appeal to the Board of Immigration. From there, if the alien is denied, the matter can then be taken to the U.S. Court of Appeals and then to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • How can I permanently live in the United States?
    • If you are looking to become an immigrant who permanent lives in the country, you need to seek status as a permanent resident. Those who are granted this permission are given what is commonly referred to as a “green card.” To obtain this status you can either seek a green card through your relatives, through a job, through status as a refugee or one of the other qualifying ways.
  • I’m a foreign national studying in the U.S., can I stay within the country following graduation?
    • To stay in the country following graduation, a student will need to obtain an H-1B temporary worker visa. Typically, graduates who work in a specialty field (such as a medical professional or engineer) will be able to obtain this visa with ease. To ensure that this process moves smoothly, it is recommended that students apply for this visa as early as possible to avoid penalties.

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